Sunday, February 7, 2010


Horse had orbital plastic surgery. Irene made a good suggestion, that with bigger eyes he would feel more "Dave" like. Plus now he looks totally hideous, so I think it was a good idea to go through with it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


This weeks update:

Irene did an awesome job modeling while glued to Hulu. Shad did a great job supervising, getting the silver bullet to work, loading the scripts into maya, ordering pizza, and getting Midas Touch.
Josh found the script for dynamics, and messed around with it, drank beer and looked up what kinda dog Dave and Irene would be.

until next week, our invisible readers.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bloggggg Update

New layout for the blog. Still have to fix the logo background color, doesn't match. Horse Is getting close, his pubes are growing nicely.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Progress Repot

Not that anyone is really reading this, but...the is the progress report for Horse for the past couple weeks. So when we began this project, beer was a necessity while working on the character.

Week 1:

Josh "Lets work on Horse."
Shad "Ok on Sunday we'll work in him."


Josh "Ok what do you want to work on? I'll try to texture him"
Shad "Ok I'll work on the rig and the bush."

10 minutes later

Shad "Want to drink"
Josh "Yea"

30 minutes later

Shad "Put on a movie while I work on the rig"

2 hours later

Irene "You guys haven't done shit, all you're doing is watching the movie."
Shad "Ok we need to get to work"
Josh "How to I unwrap?"
Irene "Are you guys fucking serious?"
Shad "Want another beer?"
Josh "Sure"

2 hours later

Josh "I don't remember how to unwrap, I just want it to look cool"
Irene unwrapped the character

Midnight, we hadn't really accomplished much so we called it a day.

Week 2:

Josh "Lets work on Horse."
Shad "Ok on Sunday we'll work in him."


Josh "Ok what do you want to work on? I'll try to texture him some more"
Shad "Ok I'll work on the bush."

10 minutes later

Shad "Want to drink"
Josh "Yea"
Irene "You guys never get anything done when you drink, maybe you should work on him when you aren't drinking.
Shad/Josh "Our goal was to do everything while drinking, but it does make things harder."

Week 3:

Dave stopped by. Finished textures of Horse for now, with Dave's "can I make a suggestion" Shad is still grooming horse's pubes, while Irene tells him to use z-brush. Tried to record some audio, but came out even more random then we could imagine.

Week 4:

Dave stopped by again. Went to eat....the food was so filling, we stopped by In and Out afterward. Shad conviced me that Polish Vodka was a good idea to drink after we had been drinking the Golden Elixer....needless to say, I accomplished nothing, but decorated the street nicely for an hour or so.

Week 5:

No drinking, and we accomplished quite a bit. Irene helped out with the bush. Shad worked on some dynamic stuff and the bush some more. I worked on the blog.

More to come this week.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Work In Progress

Horse is in the creation process. We are hoping he will pop out soon.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another version of Horse

I did another pass on Shad's model, just tweaking stuff around.